Managed Services

Managed Services - Peace of Mind for You

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), we are able to take a proactive approach in assisting clients with their IT needs. Our goal is to provide a hands on experience that will provide stability and growth with technology that can make your jobs easier. We provide physical back-end infrastructure, virtual infrastructure, end user software and hardware support, VoIP on premise and cloud setup and support, on premise and cloud based backups, as well as remote management and monitoring of all aspects of IT.


Saving you money & future proofing your systems: Get 24/7/365 network monitoring with our state of the art monitoring tools. Receive comprehensive reporting from the perspective of the entire enterprise infrastructure as well as disaster recovery and comprehensive backup solutions. Unplanned repair services can turn into a huge headache and finance burden; by utilizing an MSP, you succeed in managing your costs by paying a fixed monthly cost that covers repairs, service, and monitoring within a set monthly price.


Types of Managed Services

Scheduled Maintenance

Guaranteed scheduled maintenance of your network and devices on a quarterly or monthly basis according to your Service Agreement.

Centralized Management

Management of your simple or complex network; including patch management solutions, and remote monitoring and security solutions for your various locations.

Remote Support

Cloud-based solutions make handing devices easier than ever. Let us remotely trouble-shoot your technical problems.

Proactive Support

Integrate comprehensive and regular preventative maintenance to stay ahead of desktop and network issues. This provides stability and reliability to your IT assets. Utilizing cloud backups allows disaster recovery to be a breeze.


Let us be on high alert for failures, outages, and warnings when you're in the office or at home. With 24/7/365 networking monitoring we guarantee optimm uptime for your business.

Our Approach

Our technicians are trained, understand, and have firsthand experience with various computer components and technologies. We understand each component of a system, how it operates, and how it interacts with the other components. With our knowledge and a few diagnostic checks we can accurately assess issues and apply the appropriate solution saving you time and money.

We have experience designing systems such as basic to high end home systems, basic 2-5 client server/workstation or peer to peer networks, 70+ client multi server installations, high end 3D systems for gaming, 6+ monitor responsive systems for stock traders, 40 terrabyte redundant network storage, and multi office installations connected via site to site VPN with distributed file systems.

From homes to all sizes of business, no job too big, no job too small.

We don't like components failing on us, and we know you don't either. We do our best to bring in components that meet or exceed expectations. Many of the components we sell you can find in our systems and our families systems.

Do you have questions? We have answers! Call us or stop by any time during business hours. There are no stupid questions. We realize everyone can't be experts in everything.


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